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Police Department Services 101 |

5 Underrated Services Available at Your Local Police Department

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Most people associate police departments with solving crimes and keeping people safe, and both of these responsibilities are important aspects of a police officer’s job description. However, there are many ways police departments work to keep civilians safe. To better help residents, police departments throughout the country offer additional services to keep locals protected.

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City police departments are smaller and more localized than county sheriff offices. This means that the officers who work at these facilities have a better chance of connecting with local community members and meeting the people they serve. City police departments are invested in assisting the people who live within their jurisdictions. To help make sure residents live safe lives, here are some services that are commonly offered at police departments.

Car Seat Installation

Some police officers are certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians (CPST). This means that they have the necessary experience and training required to help you properly install a car seat. If you are a new parent or caretaker and have never installed a car seat before, this task may seem intimidating. However, someone at your local police department may be able to help you make sure make sure this seat is properly installed in your automobile.

Children’s Safety Courses

Often, local police departments provide children in schools with educational courses to help them stay safe. Topics usually relate to:

  • Internet safety.
  • Drug and alcohol awareness.
  • Defense against strangers. 

Noise Control

Police officers can help you if you have a noisy neighbor. If someone in your apartment building or the house next door is playing loud music or arguing with someone all night, you can call your local police department and file a noise complaint. Usually, a police officer will then go to your neighbor’s home and talk to him or her. In many cases, this will usually result in your neighbor being quieter.

Self-Defense Courses

The police department’s primary job is to keep civilians safe. One of the ways it accomplishes this task is by teaching situational awareness and giving residents the tools they need to defend themselves. To help with this, many police departments offer self-defense classes. Often, these classes are available to women and are designed to help them stay safe when they are alone.  

Security for Special Events

If you’re hosting a large-scale event, police officers may be able to provide security for your gathering. Usually, this depends on the type of event you are having, where it will take place and whether it is public or private.